Air Pollution Characterization and Control, Ltd. (APCC) is focused on one objective - assisting our clients to achieve and maintain long-term compliance with air pollution regulations while enhancing their business goals of reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Since 1988 APCC has assisted hundreds of companies in the Cement, Pulp and Paper, Waste-to-Energy, Printing and Coating, Power Generation, Chemical/Pharmaceutical and many other industries to achieve their business goals.


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Our senior staff average over 30 years of experience, allowing us to take on challenging projects with confidence. Our experience working with a wide variety of industrial processes allows us to analyze data to discover hidden information that can turn environmental costs into bottom line savings.

APCC takes a “Whole Process Approach” towards finding a solution to your air pollution control problems. We look at the entire process or facility rather than narrowly focusing on only the apparent "end of the pipe" problem. This approach helps to avoid short-sighted “solutions” that could cause future, more costly, problems in other segments of the facility.

APCC maintains a wide range of traditional and state-of-the-art measurement equipment. Our Mobile Environmental Monitoring Laboratories allow us to routinely provide on-site analysis for many instrument, wet chemistry, gas chromatographic and FTIR analyses.


APCC's planning for success begins during proposal preparation. Each of our proposals clearly identifies the senior staff member who will be the client's primary point of contact throughout the project.

In addition, the project engineer/scientist assigned to each project is a degreed professional responsible to ensure that all aspects of APCC's Quality Assurance Program are applied to the project. Owner oversight of each project verifies adherence to APCC'c QA program.

APCC is proud of its safety record, with a zero accident goal annually. Safe work practices are clearly endorsed by top management and senior staff set the example for junior staff while in the field.

APCC is a partner you can rely on to help ensure your facility's compliance with air emissions regulations. Our experience can enhance your larger business objectives of reducing costs and increasing productivity while staying within your annual air contaminant emissions limits.

APCC utilizes EPA, ASTM, ASME, NIOSH and other approved protocols to determine emissions and ambient levels of toxic substances as well as criteria and priority pollutants. We regularly sample for dioxins and furans, POHC, VOC, PIC, metals, HCl, NOX, SO2, CO, TRS and particulate.

Increasingly stringent emissions levels and the desire to measure broad ranges of compounds in real-time are two reasons why APCC is using FTIR spectroscopy on many emissions monitoring problems.

FTIR is capable of measuring multiple compounds in real-time often at sensitivities exceeding those of EPA's gas chromatographic Method 18.

We put a great deal of care into each report to ensure that it is accurate, concise, end user friendly and available quickly.

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