40 CFR Part 63 National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Source Categories; Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry; Final Rule www.gpo.gov/nara/cfr
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APCC has extensive experience solving problems of the cement industry. Our experience in assisting cement industry clients includes:
  • Comprehensive HAPs Emission Inventories & Test Programs
  • Manual Method Compliance Testing for particulate HCE by FTIR, HCl, and dioxins
  • HCl and other testing by FTIR
  • Continuous Emissions monitoring for NOX, SO2, CO, O2, CO2, temperature, flowrate, VOC and methane
  • CEMS Performance Specification Testing
  • Trial Burn Programs for Cement and Kiln BIFS under 40 CFR 266
  • Determination of control device destruction and removal efficiencies (DRE)
  • Kiln Optimization for PM, NOx, SO2 & CO emissions
  • Tire burning tests


APCC has assisted the following Cement and other Kiln clients address their air emissions testing and control challenges:
  • Allentown Cement Co.
  • Dragon Products Company
  • Lehigh Portland Cement
  • Norlite Corp. *
  • Blue Circle
  • Lone Star Industries
  • River Cement
  • ESSROC Cement Corp.
  • Medusa Cement
  • Solite *
  • Dragon Products Company
* Expanded Aggregate Kilns

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