Pulp and Paper

APCC established a fully staffed and equipped office in Maine specifically to service the needs of our Pulp and Paper clients in northern New England. Since then, our extensive experience in this industry has been sought after by plant operators in other areas of the country. APCC regularly works with pulp and paper clients in the following areas:
  • Boiler Tune-up and Compliance Testing
  • CEMS Performance Specification Testing
  • Continuous Emissions monitoring for NOX, SO2, CO, O2, CO2, temperature, flowrate, VOC and methane
  • TRS Monitoring & Analysis
  • Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Testing
  • Non-Condensable Gas Emission and Inventories
  • Determination of control device destruction and removal efficiencies (DRE)
  • VOC Measurements and Emission Factor Development
  • Manual Method Compliance Testing for boilers
  • Cluster Rule Testing for Methanol and VOC

Our clients include:

  • Boise Cascade
  • Eastern Fine Paper
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Bowater Great Northern Paper
  • International Paper
  • James River Corp.
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Lincoln Pulp and Paper
  • Mead
  • Scott Paper
  • Longview Fiber
  • Fort James
  • Wausau-Mosince Paper Corporation

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